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Udrum End of Summer Blowout Sale!!

Check out some new Drums!!!

New Website!!!

Have You Checked out our new Website!!!!!!
We need some more content, send us your Udrum Drum videos, pictures, tour info, stories band videos whatever!! send to udrumrocks@gmail.com

Udrum Family Drum Reel

Hey Drummers!!We are putting together a 4 bar Jam Clip!!
Here’s how it works…..
Grab your Click Track set it to 120 BPM, grab a friend or a tripod whatever start the video rolling and send us a clip of 4 bars of your Raddest, Funkiest, Most Bad Ass drumming at 120bpm.
We are going to take all the submitted clips and edit them together into one long video of everyones killer grooves!!!!

Any questions or to submit your clip just e-mail us here at udrumrocks@gmail.com

This is going to be awesome, get involved Udrum is a Family and we love you all!!!

Udrum Decca Striped Mahogony